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Barisal is a major harbor city and one of Bangladesh's water portals, surrounded by murky rivers and trimmed by endless stretches of vegetation. It's exceptionally isolated from the rest of the country, and it's far easier to get to by boat than by car. The actual center is the bustling river life, always whispering with life, and arriving here by paddleboat, especially during the monsoon season, allows you to see the region uniquely.

Bangladesh is a country of six seasons and each season there are some best adventures can be done like this monsoon special trip of Barisal. Bangladesh Eco Adventure designed this tour with adventures that include all the highlights of this region – the famous water lily satla village, Floating market & backwater tour with guava Gardens, an afternoon with Nomadic river Gypsy groups, and the famous paddle steamer ride. We will drive back to Dhaka and on the way, you can see the famous longest Padma Bridge from ferry boats and test the national fish hilsa at Mawa ghat!


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Experience hill tribe culture The Famous Guava or Seasonal Vegetable Market: The floating market looks to be the focal point of Barisal's (also known as the Venice of Bengal) beauty. The origins of this floating market are unknown, but it is a century-old institution. Although development and modernization are sweeping the country, it's remarkable that they haven't yet reached this river-oriented lifestyle. Local farmers have been experiencing the ups and downs of life besides the ebb and flow of the river for more than a century. Every day, a large number of farmers and wholesalers from all around the region congregate here. There is a one-day rice market, a one-day vegetable market, and a one-day fruit market. Guava is a fruit that grows well in this area and the months of June, July, and August are particularly good for seeing the guava floating markets and orchards.

Experience hill tribe culture Satla village of water lilies (shapla): The water lilies (shapla) grow abundantly at Satla, a town 60 kilometers from Barishal, Bangladesh. It is known as the Shapla, or water lily, the capital. The entire community is engrossed with the blossom's growth. Water lilies bloom for nine months, starting in March and ending in November. Water Lilies grow in beel (Canal) wetlands, and the Lal Shapla Beel becomes pink. If you visit Barishal during this season, you will be able to see this fantastic location. When the water lilies are in full bloom, the entire scene in Satla town transforms.

Experience hill tribe culture River Gypsy nomads have been living on boats in the Barisal rivers for centuries. They are a tribe of people that have lived in the river for generations, with all of their families living on boats from birth to death. Life is difficult for them because they are far from any basic amenities, but they continue to live on their legacy. They have to transfer one of them to a different location depending on the weather. This little-known deprived community is still not recognized in government censuses, is without any health coverage, and has almost no schooling facilities.




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Dhaka overnight river cruise - Barisal Floating Market in 02 Nights & 02 Day 



Day 01: Overnight River Cruise from Dhaka to Barisal with VIP Cabin


Our guide will meet you at your hotel or home address in the afternoon and drive you to Sadargaht Riverport. Sadarghat river port is Bangladesh's busiest and most intriguing river port, from which all small and large ships depart on cruises to the country's southern regions. Upon arrival, transfer to the famous paddle steamer first-class cabin (or a luxury boat VIP cabin with attached toilet, depending on the current trip roster) for an overnight trip to the land of rivers Barisal.

 Experience hill tribe culture  Discover the culture of the hill tribes. The overnight boat experience: even at night, the journey is fascinating. In most cases, the boats can accommodate 300 to 500 passengers on different decks. We'll take a stroll through the decks to meet some of the locals. To see the stars, climb to the master deck.

 Experience hill tribe culture  Paddle steamers, sometimes known as luxury launches, were first introduced by the British in the 1940s and are still in use today. You can take the paddle steamer boat from Dhaka twice a week, or we will travel with big launches from Dhaka to Barisal with private cabins twice a week.



Day 2: The famous Waterlily Satla Village tour & nomadic river Gypsy culture

We will arrive in Barisal river port early in the morning when the river port is less crowded. We will exit from the boat, meet our driver, and begin driving to Satla village (about a 2-hour trip). The day tour includes: –

 Experience hill tribe culture  Give your eyes the unbridled thrill of witnessing thousands of areas of land covered with pink water lilies! We will visit the lake in small wooden boats once we arrive. It's incredibly attractive, and you'll see tiny children plucking lilies from the lake, especially early in the morning.

 Experience hill tribe culture Drive back to Barisal after enjoying a morning Bangla breakfast in a local restaurant. Check into your accommodation upon arrival in the city, freshen yourself, and enjoy some free time.


 Experience hill tribe culture  After lunch, walk a half-hour to the riverbank and board a locally hired power boat to see the fascinating Nomadic River Gypsy people in the Sandha River. They are a tribe of people that have lived in the river for generations, with all of their families living on boats from birth to death. Life is difficult for them because they are far from any basic amenities, but they continue to live on their legacy. They have to transfer one of them to a different location depending on the weather. This less-known small community is less known to the public since it is still not recognized in government censuses, has no health benefits, and has almost no schooling facilities. Bangladesh Eco Adventure is always willing to provide you with an opportunity to learn about Bangladesh's unique culture.

Experience hill tribe culture You can spend your evening free time in the city exploring on your own or with us in a rickshaw to observe the city's vitality.


 Day 3: Visit the famous Floating Market, ferry crossing, and Dhaka Back

After a coffee and biscuits in the morning, we will check out and drive to Banoripara boat station to explore Barisal's famous floating markets. The rest of the day's activities include:-

Experience hill tribe culture We'll stop at the Gutia Mosque Complex along the way. It is the newest and most beautiful mosque in the city, with the tallest minaret. The property is lovely, and you can visit the mosque outside of prayer times.

Experience hill tribe culture Board our engine boat for a backwater floating market tour when you arrive at Banoripara boat station. This open-engine boat with chairs and a tea/coffee station is a great way to start the day. One of the tour's primary features is a cruise along the river and through a variety of minor canals. Life in this part of the world is always on the water. You will see locals going to market in the morning, coming to the river for cleaning work, weaving hands from home, farmers bringing crops to markets by boat, wooden bridges and fruit or vegetable farms, and many other things.

Experience hill tribe culture The floating market is a more than 200-year-old custom that takes place every week on different days in different locations, including vegetable markets, rice markets, and boat markets. The markets open between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. To perform their buying and selling, farmers carry all of their crops via wooden boats. Around 50 to 200 boats arrive to conduct business. Following a quick tour, we will purchase breakfast at one of the bazaars and eat it on the boat.

Experience hill tribe culture After disembarking from the boat, we'll make a few stops in local rice processing farms, brick factories, and other locations before driving to Dhaka via a ferry crossing across the magnificent Padma River.

Experience hill tribe culture We'll drive to the ancient ferry station after crossing the ferry to try the famed Bangladeshi national fish Hisa Fry and Mash. It is one of the region's must-do activities. Then drive to Dhaka, where we will pick you up and deliver you to your hotel or residence, bringing our vacation to a close.



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Included & Excluded in the Tour 


Experience hill tribe culture Accommodation: 01 Night accommodation in VIP cabins, 01 Night accommodation in Tourist Standard Hotel 

Experience hill tribe culture  Transportation: 01 Airconditioned Car  for throughout the trip and locally hired boat for the floating market visit & satla village 

Experience hill tribe culture Meals: Day 01 Dinner to Day 03 Lunch, three-time food is included in local Bangla restaurants 

Experience hill tribe culture Tour Guide: 01 Dedicated tour guide from Dhaka all the way 

Experience hill tribe culture Tour Upgradation: you can upgrade the hotel in Barisal from Standard to four-star 



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Experience hill tribe culture 

Experience hill tribe culture 

Experience hill tribe culture 



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